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 Emulin is an exclusive mineral based anti-inflammatory developed by Two Time Nobel Prize nominated Scientist, Dr. Joe Ahrens.

This natural supplement is formulated using a patented blend of 3 active ingredients that work together to manage refined carbohydrates, control sugar, and purge inflammation from the body. Emulin reduces the negative effects of carbs, sugars, and inflammation creating a body balance and an optimized immune system. 


We have two options available Emulin M + Emulin C:

M & C have the same ingredients, all food sourced. Myrecetin (Grapeskins) 🍇, Quercetin (Onion skins) & Chlorogenic Acid (Green Coffee Bean extract, no caffeine) simply in different proportions.

Emulin M is the original formula.

Emulin draws sugar from the fat cells and deposits it in the bloodstream. The blood carries it to other parts of the body. The muscles and the brain will effectively use this sugar as food and energy. The excess purges from the body. This process can, however, create a temporary blood sugar spike. Even though it’s temporary it can be enough to alarm a person who has high sugar issues.

Dr. Joe created Emulin C specifically for those with blood glucose issues. C does the same thing but over a longer period of time. This eliminates the sugar spikes, helping to optimize and maintain sugar levels for better health.

EMULIN is a revolutionary Scientific Discovery! This is the missing link in our nutrition. Most health problems originate from excess INFLAMMATION. And Emulin targets inflammation at its source!