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Our berrylicious smart shot! Formulated to break down fat whilst you sleep! HiBurn8 works in 4 ways to assist with weight management, support appetite, relieve stress and help you sleep better. 

Key ingredients:

▪️Hydrolysed collagen which gives your body amino acids to help it rebuild and also suppress your appetite.

▪️Lemon balm, ginseng, aloe. Aswell as sensoril which relieves stress, promotes sleep and helps manage weight.

▪️Melatonin, licorice root + chamomile to help you relax and sleep better.

▪️Inositol which helps break down fats in your body.

▪️Calcium to prevent weight coming back + garcinia cambogia to manage appetite to put an end to late night snacking.

Each bottle contains 32 serves. Simply take 1 spoon of the berry flavoured liquid before bed each night. 

Weightloss while you sleep... Pure genius!