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Are you ready for a first-of-its-kind, dual action skin care system that delivers visible skin renewal and deep cleansing in a single treatment?

Our LumiSpa is the definition of multitasking magic! With results like this it's no wonder it took out the 2018 Pure Beauty Award for the Best New Electronic Beauty Device and it continues to win numerous awards including not 1 but 4 in 2019.  The LumiSpa is the worlds #1 at home anti ageing cleansing device!

Here are some benefits:
- Reduced pore appearance
- Improved firmness
- Increase collagen production
- Lifts, tightens and smooths the skin
- Decreases puffiness and gives clarity
- Increases softness and radiance

Dermatologist-tested, you will be able to see and feel instant results. The LumiSpa's secret is inspired by our patented gene expression studies of skin protein production.

Experience brighter, softer, smoother looking skin and an energising facial massage. Simply spend two minutes twice a day to enjoy healthier, youthful looking skin in as little as two weeks.

This kit includes:
• ageLOC LumiSpa 
• Charging stand 
• LumiSpa Treatment Head (Normal)
• ageLOC LumiSpa cleanser

Depending on your skin type, you can choose from one of five available ageLOC LumiSpa cleansers
• Normal/Combination
• Sensitive 
• Dry
• Oily
• Acne