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This six-piece high-quality brush set is designed to give you perfect application for any look you choose. Suitable for all your powders and liquids, the soft duo fibre synthetic bristles deliver just the right amount of product for a smooth blending and seamless natural finish. Designed with meticulous care, this high-end makeup brush set perfects your look with ease.

Nu Colour Foundation Brush 1

Easily achieve a radiant and polished look. This ultra-soft foundation brush has synthetic duo fibre bristles that are especially designed to use with liquids to create a flawless and natural finish. The high-quality brush allows you to build up coverage effortlessly to get that airbrushed effect.

HOW TO USE: Pump a small amount of foundation on the back of your hand. Dip your brush into the foundation, then sweep it on to your face in circular motions for a flawless finish. Tip: Start at the centre of your face and sweep to the outer corners.

Nu Colour Foundation Brush 2

Your must-have for applying powders. The bristles are made from synthetic duo fibre, ideal for giving you a smooth and even coverage. It holds the powder on beautifully, helping you to achieve a seamless, natural look.

HOW TO USE: Put a small amount of loose powder on your brush and gently dab it on your face to absorb excess oils. Give your face a warmer look by applying your compact powder in a swiping motion all over your face.

Nu Colour Foundation Brush 3

For a precise blush application. This angled brush crafted with ultra-soft synthetic duo fibre bristles, is perfect for sculpting the contours of your cheeks, providing seamless definition.

HOW TO USE: To apply blush: smile into the mirror, dab and tap the desired blush colour onto the outer cheek bones. To shape: Swipe a line under your cheekbones, forehead and jawline with a bronzing powder. Tip: Always lead with the shorter side of the brush.

Nu Colour Foundation Brush 4

Blend like a professional. This long, tapered brush expertly blends and softens shadow from outside to inside corner. And can be used for blending concealer also.

HOW TO USE: Blend powder or creamy eyeshadow onto lids or diffuse shadow along creases. Tip: Blending gently helps to stop mudding up the overall colour.

Nu Colour Foundation Brush 5

The ideal brush to seamlessly apply shadow to the entire eyelid and contour along the eye crease.

HOW TO USE: Pick up eyeshadow and gently tap off excess. Sweep over lower lid or from lash line to crease. Tip: If you are switching from one shade to another using the same brush always wipe your brush between colour changes.

Nu Colour Foundation Brush 6

A beveled brush designed to carefully apply and blend powders. An essential accessory to define the eyebrows, accentuate the eyes and create perfect brow makeup.

HOW TO USE: Apply the Nu Colour Eyebrow Shaping Kit, along your natural brow line and then blend for a perfect finish. This brush can also be used to create an eyeline effect. angled for precision detailing to highlight or define the eye. Tip: Start from the inside of the eye lid using the lowest taper of the brush.